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    Product Image
    Products name DHPPA
    Molecular formula C9H10O4
    Molecular weight 182
    Structural formula
    Chemical content ≥99%
    Optical content ≥99%
    Net weight 25kg
    Traits White or off-white crystal
    Use Pesticide intermediates; intermediates used as herbicides such as thrips, high-efficiency grasses, fine stabilizing, quizalofop, and acetylene
    Specification Chemical content:>99%
    Optical content(R):>99%
    Melting point (°C):143~147℃
    Boiling point:367.5℃ at 760 mmHg
    Storage Keep away from light and cool, away from fire
    Package Yellow cardboard drum, lined with PE film bag.

    Add: No123 Jiefang West Rd. Yixing city, Jiangsu province  P.C.:214200

    Contact: General Manager Zong Kecheng +86-13906152262

    Contact: Sales Manager Zong Junfeng +86-13861538638

    Tel: +86-510-87911262 , 87912168  E-mail: sales@lianyangchem.com

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